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What Makes the 2019 Honda Civic Si So Ex-Si-ting?

Between its turbocharged engine, six-speed manual transmission, and sharp handling-plenty.

Easily the best-handling front-wheel-drive car on the market today, Honda's Civic Si coupe (and its mechanically identical four-door sedan sibling) is a performance bargain. It is quick, thanks to its turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and it is fun to drive, thanks to its six-speed manual transmission and well-sorted chassis. The Si model exists between the mainstream Civic lineup and the bonkers, 306-hp Civic Type R, and shares a 10Best Cars award from us with the latter. We've also run the Si at our annual Lightning Lap track test in 2017, where it was the only car that year to gain speed through Virginia International Raceway's treacherous high-speed uphill ess-curves. To see what sets it apart from the regular Civic, swipe on!

Fisker Announces a Sub-$40,000 Electric SUV, Coming in Late 2021

Not only that, but the company claims it will have a near-300-mile range, and it'll be the first of three "affordable" all-electric vehicles from the startup.

The 2020 Cadillac CT5 Sedan Is Exposed with a "Sensual" Social-Media Campaign

Cadillac is using ASMR videos to tease the rollout of the new Cadillac CT5 sedan.

U.S. Court Affirms Our Right to Flip Off Cops, but Here's Why It's Not Always Legal

Flipping the bird is a fine line to tread during a traffic stop.

Japanese Subaru Outbacks, Crosstreks, and WRX STIs Show a New Side at STI Motorsports’ 30th-Anniversary Gathering

Bright-blue WRX STIs with big wings? Of course! But what about Outbacks and Crosstreks festooned with outdoorsy stickers?