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Infiniti QX60 targets conquests

Infiniti previews the next-generation QX60 crossover with a more premium feel that it says will help lure customers from rivals and boost sales in 2021.

Nissan to bring carbon-fiber to the masses

Nissan has developed a way of producing carbon-fiber components more quickly and cheaply as a step toward deploying the lightweight parts in mass-market vehicles around 2024.

Omnichannel press is on for CarMax after rebound

A new marketing campaign around the used-car company's omnichannel retail strategy is expected to be rolled out later this year.

Hyundai dealers must have say in store upgrades

Retailers should get to decide when and whether to invest in the costly improvements Hyundai wants to resume in its stores.

California's fossil fuel ban likely in for long fight

Within 15 years, the nation's largest auto market aims to stop selling new passenger cars and trucks with internal combustion engines. The move is the first step in what legal experts say will be a long fight over the state's authority to set vehicle-emission standards.